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You’re on a mission to make the workforce a diverse force.

We make it easy to recruit brilliant minds who built their skills, their way.

What We Do

Next Shift Learning is a
workforce design studio.

We build innovative, custom learning programs that help industry hirers discover top talent — whether they’re from low-income and first-generation backgrounds, or have intersectional identities. Our team partners with yours to get a direct look at how work really happens. Then, we help you prepare future job candidates with skills that meet your company’s needs.


We partner with leading tech, entertainment and workforce development organizations to grow talent fit for their future of work. We do this through inclusive upskilling cohort-based learning experiences, professional development and coaching, and development and deployment of customized ecosystem diversity approaches and impact measurement.

Core Services
+ Values

They’re qualified. They know tech. They want to break in.

Designed based on our principles of empathy and equity, these services help you find Black, Latinx, Asian and Asian Pacific Islander talent from non-traditional backgrounds. Or, simply put: fresh minds for the things you create.

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From workflows to office culture and beyond. We talk directly to your team to understand their work process. This enables us to sketch out bespoke programs that lean into the research of how humans learn—and emulate how your team, creates.

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Program Design

We co-design with you: dynamic learning programs that give you a preview of prospective candidates’ abilities. Our programs provide hands-on training to mirror real work life. They can be in-person or remote experiences. Days or weeks long. You choose.

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We’re your thought leaders. We translate a job seeker’s unconventional training and make their value plain. Show their skills in the context of your company’s needs. Level up their presentation chops. Make their relevance to your team a no-brainer.

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Part of our mission is to build transformative relationships between tech companies and job seekers from under-tapped, culturally-rich communities. In doing so, we help you forge meaningful career paths for more diverse talent. And help those individuals develop skills they can use forever in the ever-changing tech game.

Sergio Rosas


Founder Story

It began with hope in unleashing the potential in others.

Next Shift Learning founder Sergio Rosas is creating access to careers that transform lives. His belief in connecting others to game-changing opportunities comes from his lived experience as a Latinx, low-income and first-generation immigrant turned Stanford University graduate and social entrepreneur. He leverages his design background and work with Fortune 500 companies and workforce development organizations to build hope-centered products that tech companies use to connect talent from communities of color to tech careers that impact their worlds.

The Collaborators

We’re a team of designers, instructors, developers, and researchers with heartitude.

Sergio Rosas

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Next Shift Learning. Radical Inclusive Designer at People Rocket. Program Lead at the Kapor Center. Founding Director of the Los Angeles Tech Talent Pipeline.

Mische Kang

Executive Director at the Mamelodi Initiative, a youth empowerment nonprofit based in South Africa. Recipient of the Kathryn W. Davis Projects for Peace grant.

Jenny Han

Curriculum Developer for Transformative Learning Technologies Lab. Research assistant at Stanford University. Fulbright Scholarship recipient.

Sebastian De Vivo (PHD)

Co-founder of List Ventures, a research-based SaaS firm focused on AI-driven inclusive access to capital. Workforce development entrepreneur. Former consultant for the Los Angeles mayor’s office.

What People Are Saying


We work together to upskill the workforce of the future. Join our journey!

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